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     Football psychology, ChicagoAmerican Football or Soccer, it's a ball control sport. From a sports psychology stand point you have a common focal point the Ball. Run with it, pass it, catch it, kick it, or use your head, the outcome comes down to how well you control the ball.

     Soccer Psychology, Sports Motivation Clinic, ChicagoAll amateur athletes and Pros share the same need to master their mental game. If you haven't heard by now, on game day, your state of mind rules. It's 90% of the reason you win or lose. If you dream of the NFL, MLS, FIFA or an NCAA Scholarship some day, you need to become invaluable because of your mental toughness. Clutch players stand out, so do chokers, which one are you?

Play like a girl!

USA Woman's Team. Three time World Cup Champions!!!
USA Men's Team out of World Cup again! Sad.

Ice the Kicker!

     Some sports have obvious examples of the mental game at work and I love to point them out. The kicking game in American football is one of my favorite examples because there is even a phrase associated with the kicking game. Ice the Kicker! We are talking about screwing with his head! We want him to think about it! We'll waste a timeout to do it too! We hope that if we put enough mental pressure on him, he'll blow it!

     That's not very nice. Every position on the team has the same mental responsibility to perform under pressure but we pick on the lowly kicker. Why do we do it? Because we all know the value of mental toughness in competition and how fragile it can be. Why would anyone want the kickers job? You get no respect. It is the last position on the team the coaching staff thinks about. If you lose the game by one point, it's your fault. The quarterback threw six interceptions but it's your fault! You missed a 59 yard field goal in a driving rain with 2 seconds left on the clock, it's your fault!

     But wait! Kicking the ball could be your ticket to fame, fortune and a scholarship to the college of your dreams. If you have the leg, you just need the brain to match it. That's where I come in. I can teach you everything you need to know about getting your head in the game, when it counts. I'm Paul S. Palmer, Director, of the Sports Motivation Clinic.

Every kicker in the Midwest should be walking through my door before the season starts!

    Back-ups, listen up!

     There are not enough game time minutes to go around. If you are a backup or an underclassmen you know that's true. How do you get ready for the big game if you never get in the game? Mental rehearsal, that's how. How do you do that mental rehearsal thing? Do you just sit around and think good thoughts? That's one way and sad to say that is how many athletes try to help themselves prepare for their big moment. Mental Rehearsal is not quit that simple. Getting the mind to pay attention is a whole science unto itself. Sports Hypnosis is the oldest tool for mental training, for good reason. It works!  I can show you the best techniques to put your mind in it's most receptive state to do your mental reps. These are the secrets you get nowhere else!  Call Today, 708-824-9057

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